Redstar (Biometric Authentication)

“If Kindle is upgraded with face recognition and biometric sensors, it can know what made you laugh, what made you sad and what made you angry. Soon, books will read you while you are reading them.”


Creating a safe and secure world with our unique and highly accurate biometric authentication technology. It could be plugged as a biometric authenticator-empowering secure password-less authentication across mobile, desktop and IoT systems.

Identity Verification

Verify individuals using our product as a supplementary or alternative to passwords, physiological and behavioral attributes are measured in order to authenticate access and controls. It could be plugged for:

Consumer mobile authentication

Pharmacy dispensary of medications

Medical records access

Airport security scanning

Multi-user authentication

Multiple users can be distinguished and authenticated on the same device using our product.

Asset access controls

Access controls associated with IoT devices for in-home robots, car or home sharing, and even to facilitate access for in-home services such as caretaking or pet-sitting etc.

Purchase and transactions

Payment authentication using our product will help increase security, reduce identity theft, and improve the user experience of digital payment.

Why Us?

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Real Time Response
  • Best in class with an accuracy of 96%
  • Liveness/Spoof detection
  • Voice Capture
  • Customization to suit your needs
  • Delivers the same performance on every platform (Mobile/Desktop)
  • Solution available on the cloud or on-premise deployment modes


How Biometric authentication is safer than traditional authentication?

Unlike keys and passwords, personal traits are extremely difficult to lose or forget. They can also be very difficult to copy. For this reason, many people consider them to be safer and more secure than keys or passwords.