Location Analytics

Location intelligence created from the “where” in your data. Unlocking the “where” in your data unlocks the “why” in your sales performance & market share.


  • Gain business insights into visitor behaviors within your locations
  • Analyze customer movement through the building (store, branch etc.)
  • Increase customer satisfaction through sufficient staffing during peak times
  • Identify top merchants/vendors/branches based on location based offerings
  • Identify most redeemed offers nearby your customers
  • Track sales team’s real time location

Real-Time Offers

Track live user location and send customized offer messages for a nearby retail store or a mall. Sending location based offers to customers will not only help in increasing the profits but also in customers retention and reducing customer churn.

Consumer Insights

Identify trends and patterns in customer behavior like frequently visited shops, restaurants etc.

Loyalty Management

Identify your active customers who also shop, travel or stay with your competitors. Learn about their brand preferences, patterns of movement and loyalty levels to understand where they spend their money.

Real-time Salesforce tracking

Identify real time location of sales agents, monitor active working hours/client visits, verify fraudulent claims (asset/travel) etc.


Real Time identification of fraudulent credit/debit card transactions using location analytics involving use of location coordinates of both the user and ATM/POS Machine/Merchant.

Customer Segmentation

Use location-derived personas based on mobile device movement that reveal user behaviors, demographics and buyer intent.

Why Us?

  • Process 1,000,000 events per day
  • Features Android and iOS device types
  • Real Time Alerts, Offers & Store Locators
  • Customized product offering based on location
  • Accurately measure foot traffic
  • Understand visitor behavior
  • Customization to suit your needs
  • Solution available on the cloud or on-premise deployment modes


Does this work with apple iPhones?

Yes, the application works on iPhone application both as an independent app and as SDK which could be integrated with existing iPhone Applications.

Can this application continuously track the user?

Yes, the application runs in the background and can run continuously.

Does the location analytics suite be deployed on our servers?

Yes, the entire location analytics suite can be deployed on your servers (on-premise). Alternatively, it could also be hosted by Pivotchain.

Does the product has a dashboard?

Yes, the product has a dashboard that connects that provides insights that would help you understand your customers better.