Rhaegal (Speech Recognition)

“What can’t be repeated again can always be RELOOKED again..”


One of the most responsive and accurate deep learning solutions in the market. You can integrate our product with any voice application such as an IVR, voice platform or call center helping you dramatically increase productivity both at work and at home. We provide support for multiple languages and dialects.

Speaker Recognition

Identification and separation of participants in a conversation.

Raising Alerts

Track agent’s adherence to scripts and makes sure regulatory requirements are met and raising alerts on detecting the inappropriate behavior of customers or agents.

Monitoring Sentiments

Detects and monitors tone, the speed and pitch of the speaker and infers customer’s emotions.

Cross Selling Opportunities Identification

During a conversation, if the customer shows interest in other products, that customer is identified as a lead for another product.

Agent Assistant

Based on the conversation important required information can be prompted to assist the agent.

Trending Topic Analysis

All the calls get analyzed and most frequently discussed problems are identified.

Rating Customer Satisfaction and Agent Performance

Based on customer reactions, agents answers to all the customer’s questions and customer’s and agent’s sentiments during the call, customer satisfaction and agent performance are rated.


Does the model work offline?

Yes. The model works offline and can be deployed anywhere based on the customer needs once it is trained.

Does it support any language?

The design is highly modular and can be extended to any language. The only requirement is few hours of quality audio data to train the model (one time use).

Is my audio data stored anywhere?

Your data is completely safe. As the model can be deployed on premises, the data at any point of time doesn’t leave your servers.