For A Safer World

Leverage computer vision at its best to provide maximum performance to vision-based systems when solving day-to-day automation challenges at government and military premises, airports, and logistics centers.


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Know More

01 Our Philosophy
At Pivotchain, we harness intelligent technology for human advancement and social good. We are working hard to bring this vision to life every day when working with clients, experts & stakeholders.
02 Our Vision
Provide a tool for seamless visibility in the realm of digital vision with Raven, we aim to make the world a safer place – one camera at a time – by augmenting conventional CCTV-based security solutions with intelligent algorithms for highly accurate real-time event detection.

Why Us?

Intelligent Cameras for Smart Security

Intelligent Vision for your Intelligent Automation of safety, security, and process needs.
Pivotchain Solutions is an advanced Artificial Intelligence company who delivers cutting-edge, real-time video content intelligence globally. With our event-based and hardware agnostic design, the company’s video analytics software tools, and solutions are available under the RAVEN brand across major industries and verticals, including Logistics, Homeland Security, Aviation, or Critical Assets.

Advanced AI Computer Vision

RAVEN is a customizable and easy to integrate deep learning software platform which upskills existing or new camera-based networks. The non-compromising AI architecture of RAVEN uses live video feeds to perform automated analytics in real-time according to defined use-cases, communicates alerts and insights with teams or systems and operates 24/7.

Custom Configuration to Detect Events

RAVEN provides industrial surveillance and situational monitoring related to people safety, asset security, or tracking of critical processes. Many common events such as vandalism, arson, number of vehicles, or people entering the premises, processes to be observed, and more are part of our ready to use offering.

Perimeter-Monitoring for Critical Premises

For high-security premises, RAVEN enables perimeter monitoring according to pre-set criteria, raising alarms in real-time in case there is a breach while also tracking the affected area

Seamless Integration With Legacy Vision or Surveillance Systems

RAVEN has been designed to minimize our client’s infrastructure investment. RAVEN, which can be deployed on-premise or on the cloud, easily integrates with your existing camera system – maximizing your current capabilities or integration needs. The solution is highly scalable and offers the same functionality for one or one-hundred cameras in a network.

Towards A Safer World

Providing cutting edge technology to upscale vision-based efficiency

Upscale your Video Capabilities

With a highly scalable Plug-N-Play solution. RAVEN can be deployed across any existing camera or surveillance network. Its system architecture can work with a variety of video stream protocols and in many cases, the existing hardware can be used to get started.

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