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Our Philosophy.

At Pivotchain, it has been our constant endeavour to harness intelligent technology for human convenience and social good. We have worked hard to bring this vision to life by creating a highly agile and tactical security system powered by machine learning for augmented protection and security in critical areas.

Our Vision.

With Raven, we aim to make the world a safer place – one camera at a time – by augmenting conventional CCTV-based security solutions with intelligent algorithms for highly accurate real-time event detection.

Why Us.

RAVEN – conceptualised and developed by a team of data scientists, tech and security experts at Pivotchain, is a new-age video surveillance system with real-time activity alerts and face detection technology.

“The best part about RAVEN is that it is powered by self-learning technology, which ensures better performance with increased use – exactly in line with our philosophy of continuous innovation for more reliable surveillance across government and private facilities.”
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RAVEN – Advanced AI Video Surveillance

RAVEN is an intelligent video surveillance solution that automatically analyses live, streaming videos from CCTVs and other embedded cameras to provide actionable alerts in real-time.

Set Custom Threat Alerts.

Users can set alerts for the events they wish to be notified about – such as vandalism, arson, break-ins, number of vehicles, or people entering the premises, and more. With face detection technology.

Perimeter-Monitoring for Critical Premises.

For high-security premises, RAVEN enables perimeter monitoring according to pre-set criteria, raising alarms in real-time in case there is a breach while also tracking the affected area.

Seamless Integration.

At Pivotchain, we strive towards improved human security without extensive infrastructure. RAVEN, which can be deployed on-premise or on the cloud, easily integrates with your existing camera system.The solution is highly scalable and offers the same functionality for one or one-hundred camera systems.

Towards A Safer World.

Our clients are presently using RAVEN for airport stand operational security, safety, and security event detection in government and military premises and warehouse surveillance for both public and private organisations.

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RAVEN can be deployed across any existing camera or surveillance systems, according to universally accepted protocols, without the requirement of any extra hardware with 95% accuracy for all features

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