We build mission critical AI Solutions for

Airport Security

Homeland Security




What We do.

We build advanced analytical solutions using Big Data, Machine Learning & AI frameworks.

Our Focus.

Extract value and insights from data to improve revenue and cut cost.

What Make Us Different.

Data and Math driven organization with cross domain expertise. We deliver cutting-edge solutions at an affordable price.

We work with

Visual Data

Pivotchain will help you gain insights and expand your business, by running its state of the art deep learning algorithms on videos & images.



Conversational Data

With us, you can now extract information out of text messages, SMS and mails in real-time. With our speech recognition product (Rhaegal) you can explore the true benefits of speech analytics.

Quantitative Data

Whatever that can be measured and written down in numbers will be processed by us.

We are here to help you

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Get an End-to-End AI product

Discover the advanced AI capabilities with
our product stack. A product with all
functionalities in one, from fine tuned ML
algorithms to interactive UI.

Get an End-to-End AI solution

Innovation has never been more affordable, our
custom built AI solutions will
help you deliver high-impact
business outcomes.

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