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RAVEN (Real-time AI based Video analytics ENgine)

AI algorithm for automated monitoring of cargo operations & warehouse in real-time.
Drive efficiency and profitability at your warehouses.
Raven works seamlessly with your existing CCTV cameras.

How can we help?

Tracking and reporting of abnormal events in real time with high accuracy (94%)

  •  Cargo Damage
  •  Cargo Theft
  •  Pilferage
  •  Security Breach

Track cargo operations in real time

  •  Arrival of loading/unloading truck
  •  Loading of cargo boxes
  •  Unloading of cargo boxes
  •  Departure of loading/unloading truck

Situation Dashboard

  • Spot trend for abnormal events across different hubs & facilities.
  • Identify key factors causing delays in cargo operations.
  • Live alerts count for abnormal events across different facilities.
  • Identify areas of improvement.
  • Predictive turnaround time recommendation for cargo operations.


  • Integrates with your notification systems (mail, sms, buzzer etc)

Built for Logistics

Reduce manual monitoring
Reduce cargo mishandling & pilferage

Reduce losses due to theft & damages
Improve efficiency

Monitor 1000s of CCTV cameras at
different hubs simultaneously

5 reasons

why you should go with Raven ?

Camera / device agnostic

Works with all cameras

Competitive pricing

Improve overall surveillance & optimize cargo operations for higher ROI

Low latency

Raven detects events in real-time.


High-availability to ensure uptime for real time surveillance.


Raven can scale from 1 to 1000 cameras seamlessly