RAVEN AI | Banking

(Real-time AI based Video analytics ENgine)

AI algorithm for automated ATM & Branch safety events detection in real-time.

Quick response team(QRT) for AI- generated alerts with 24/7 Helpdesk support.

Raven AI works seamlessly with your existing CCTV cameras & Sensor setup.

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Detect risks in real time

Detect potential risks in real time

Situation Dashboard


Analyse trends for crimes/abnormal events across ATMs/Branches over time.


Detects risk patterns and hotspots across ATMs/Branches.

Live alerts

Live alerts with evidence clips for all Safety & Security events.

Quick Response Time

QRT trained to handle alerts & incidents with minimum response time across industry.


Easily connect with your current CCTV cameras and Sensor setup (sensors, hooters, alert buttons, etc.) for a seamless transition.

Built for Banking

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